The art and science of human performance


Platinum Performance Partners will use and apply cutting edge Human

Performance Improvement (HPI) tools and processes while partnering

with our clients in all of our consulting, design, development, and training



We are committed to achieving improved business results for our clients by:

  • Closely aligning with our clients' needs and goals and using the most appropriate and effective performance tools and processes, such as  Performance DNA™, to achieve these goals
  • Developing internal HPI capabilities in our client organizations when it is desired.
  • ​​Design and deliver leading-edge HPI solutions that meet and exceed our clients  goals, by building strong partnerships with our clients and focusing on the desired outcomes..
  • Our mission guides the way we measure success.  And do not perform work that is in conflict with our mission or values.


Platinum's  professional staff have shared values that provide a basic framework within which our business is conducted.  These values are:
  • We measure our success by our achievement of our mission first, then by revenue.
  • We encourage an active partnership with our clients and welcome their input and feedback in the interest of positive growth and development for our organizations.
  • We tell our clients what they NEED to hear, not what they WANT to hear, based on facts and truth from our performance analyses and data collections, not perceptions or opinions.
  • We value the 'people' in every organization that enable our clients to be successful and achieve their goals and respect the fact that there needs to be a balance in life, family, work, self, and other personal interests.