The art and science of human performance
Performance DNA
and Human Performance Improvement:
The Quiet Revolution

The 'art and science' of Human Performance has been quietly evolving for the last 50 years, though in the last 10 years the attention to human performance and Performance DNA overall has been explosive.

Why?  Because, behind all the great technology advances we have made in the workplace, improvements made in management and leadership processes, process improvement initiatives and any other advances we have made in our organizations, we are still not getting the 'results' we want.

This is because the ‘people’ piece of the equation has often been left out of the equation. When we try to fix our organizations by changing a process, adding new technologies or training people without understanding the key outcomes that drive 'peoples' success, it doesn't work well.

Once organizations realize that the ‘people’ factor is the most important part of the equation, and that organizational change does not take place without focusing first on human performance, then they will start to see positive change and begin the art and science of Human Performance Improvement or HPI.
We are also see are seeing this 'quiet revolution' because of the groundbreaking work of human performance pioneers like Dr. Thomas Gilbert and Dr. Joe Harless, and others, interest in HPI has grown into a powerful and widely accepted methodology that is used to maximize our return on human capital in the workplace.

International organizations such as the Association for Talent Development (ATD), the largest not for profit organization in the world supporting training and performance, have embraced HPI wholeheartedly.  In 1998 ATD created the first ‘HPI certificate program’ in the world and since this time over 6,500 people (worldwide) have been trained on HPI processes and tools making huge strides in performance improvement in their organizations.

What is the HPI process andPerformance DNA?

The Human Performance Improvement (HPI) process is used to assist clients in articulating and defining business goals and then linking these goals to human performance (i.e. the appropriate outcomes, work process and behaviors associated with high performance). Using a validated set of tools a diagnostic analysis is performed to define the HPI gap between the ‘current state’ and the ‘desired state’ of an organization or group of workers.  Then, identifying the influences on high performance by uncovering what is right and working for this group of workers and lastly implement the appropriate solutions to improve organizational and job performance and evaluating the results of these solutions against meeting our desired state.
ATD and Platinum Performance Partners (PPP)

Dennis Mankin, Managing Partner with PPP, is one of the primary authors of Performance DNA™ , co-published with ATD and this is the foundational set of tools and practices to the ATD - HPI Certificate program.  PPP is proud to be involved with ATD in the education of HPI practitioners around the globe through the prestigious ASTD HPI Certificate program. Dennis Mankin is also one of the exclusive facilitators of the Performance DNA™ workshops offered through ATD and one of designers of their current HPI model.

Click on the ATD logo to learn more about ATD's HPI program offerings or call us at 828-626-4080 to talk to one of our Partners on how we can bring HPI into your organization.