The art and science of human performance

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  • Techniques to Facilitate Informal Learning in SharePoint (or Any Learning Collaboration Portal)
  • Building a Performance-based Certification Process at VDOT
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  • WISH, then Define Success
  • ​An Overview of Performance DNA Analysis - Platinum Performance Partners approach to HPI
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  • 7 Steps to WINNING and Achieving Your Success
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  • If I Had Any Common Sense
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  • People Come To Work To Do A Good Job
  • Why Do We Focus On The Key Performer?
  • Why The Focus On Outcomes?
  • Building a Performance-based Certification Process at VDOT

Dennis Mankin  

Dr. Karen McGraw, authors

Breaking Tape: 7 Steps to Winning at Work and Life, is a practical book that can change your life! 

25 years of experience in helping organizations and individuals succeed is melted into a concise seven-step method that anyone can use. This is not another ‘pie in the sky’ book about goals. Instead, this book gives you a tested, proven process to define the success you want, and the outcomes, goals, and strategies required to achieve it. Click on the book above to link to Amazon and read more.


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